IL MISANTROPO/The Misanthrope

After the wonderful debut and the tour of last season our Misanthrope is ready to start again … and whoever loses it is a true Misanthrope!

director, translation and overwriting by Marco Lorenzi 
on stage Fabio Bisogni, Roberta Calia, Yuri D’Agostino, Marco Lorenzi, Federico Manfredi / Angelo Tronca, Barbara Mazzi, Raffaele Musella 
visual concept Eleonora Diana
company technician Giorgio Tedesco 
assistant director Yuri D’Agostino
ph Manuela Giusto
costumes Valentina Menegatti
distribution Valentina Pollani
organization Annalisa Greco 
production Il Mulino di Amleto – Tedacà
in collaboration with La Corte Ospitale – artistic residencies 16-17

Theatrical Mass Milan 2017 Award 
“You cannot deny that Molière’s mistakes in this comedy are unforgivable” Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
“Whenever I attend the play or read The Misanthrope, I am stunned by its speed and energy.” Harold Bloom

Trailer Misantrophe

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