NEW 01

from 5th to 9th february 2020, Teatro Massimo, Cagliari


Anton Cechov

Finalist Rete Critica 2019 Award Last Seen 2018 Krapp’s Last Post Award Top10 shows of 2019 by Birdmen Magazine Best Shows 2018_2019 – MilanoTeatri PLATONOV. Un modo come un altro per dire che la felicità è altrove/ PLATONOV. Another to ...

NEW 02

From 18 to 26 Feb. 2020 Teatro Astra, Torino



1. The first session of #CantiereIbsen #ArtNeedsTime ended on Sunday 27 October with an exceptional guest Franca Nuti, who came to see us with Gian Carlo Dettori. What an honor! From October 22nd to 27th, actresses and actors worked in the first week ...
You are always welcome to follow us and see how we work and what we create. Tour dates, rehearsals time and other events where we can meet. Contact us here.  2019-2020 20th Sept deadline Call CantiereIbsen workshops for international actress and actors. 30th ...
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