“Cantiere Ibsen #ArtNeedsTime” is a project dedicated to high professional theatrical training for performers from all over Italy and beyond. It was created and organized from June 2019 to February 2020. It was expected to continue until June 2020, but was interrupted due to a health emergency. More than 175 applications arrived to take part on it, including some from abroad.
The project has received an important echo because it is in contrast with respect to the exclusively productive logic of theatrical art, it is underlining the importance of artistic research, the time needed to mature an idea or a project, the importance of training and personal care for actors or actresses.

#ArtNeedsTime also wanted to be a small artistic-political motto.

It gave new actions and more awareness to the artists themselves about how much time is needed for oneself and to grow first of all as a human beings, in this way we can grow as artists and be better.

1. The first session of #CantiereIbsen #ArtNeedsTime ended on Sunday 27 October with an exceptional guest Franca Nuti, who came to see us with Gian Carlo Dettori. What an honor! From October 22nd to 27th, actresses and actors worked in the first week of #CantiereIbsen. Many thanks to Silvia Pallotti, Elvira Scorza, Adalgisa Valvassori, Michele Mariniello, Ilaria Marchianò, Vincenzo Paterna, Noemi Grasso, Andrea Triaca, Virginia Ruth Cerqua, Valentina Virando, Matteo Alì, Marco Rizzo and Yuri D’Agostino, Raffaele Musella, Angelo Tronca, Alba Maria Porto, Barbara Mazzi, Fabio Biosgni.

video link first workshop October 2019

2. The second session of #CantiereIbsen #ArtNeedsTime took place from 12 to 17 November 2019. The protagonists of this session were the actresses and actors: Raffaele Musella, Angelo Tronca, Francesco Gargiulo, Barbara Mazzi, Fabio Bisogni, Michele Puleio, Mariagiulia Colace, Andrea Triaca , Christian Di Filippo, Thea Della Valle, Damien Escudier, Maria Lombardo, Veronica Franzosi, Chiara Cardea, Giacomo Martino, Federica Dordei, Roberta Lanave, Matteo Prosperi, Katia Mirabella, Elena Cascino, Omar Giorgio Makloufi, Mercati Agnese, Liliana Benini, Stefano Warriors, Anne Hirth, Lorenzo De Iacovo. Two special guests animated this week, we thank Fabio Pezzetti Tonion and Fabio Francione.

video link second workshop November 2019

3. The third session of #CantiereIbsen #ArtNeedsTime started with difficulties due to problems with the heating and ended with a sunrise over the sea and the Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun that heated the whole room. From 16 to 20 December 2019 we sincerely thank the actresses and actors: Roberta Calia, Raffaele Musella, Francesco Gargiulo, Barbara Mazzi, Mariagiulia Colace, Federico Palumeri, Christian Di Filippo, Odette Piscitelli, Federica Dordei, Giula Cerruti, Elio D’Alessandro, Goria Lorenzo Edgar, Giulio Cavallini , Sara Drago, Erica Landolfi, Emanuele Marchetti, Agnese Mercati. For the whole week we had as special guests: Alessandro Toppi with his wonderful notebooks and Enrico Pastore, both from Il Pickwick web journal.

video link third workshop December 2019

4. The fourth session of #CantiereIbsen #ArtNeedsTime began on February 18 at the Astra Theater in Turin, working on the text “An enemy of the people”. We thank the wonderful artists involved: Roberta Calia, Yuri D’Agostino, Raffaele Musella, Angelo Tronca, Francesco Gargiulo, Barbara Mazzi, Federico Palumeri, Federica Quartana, Raffaella Tomellini, Valentina Spaletta Tavella, Alice Giroldini, Elio D’Alessandro, Lorenzo Edgar Goria , Giulio Cavallini, Anna Charlotte Barbara, Luigi Maria Rausa, Giulia Rupi, Erica Landolfi, Anca Similar, Walter Rizzuto, Valeria Perdonò. The narration reminds us of the abrupt interruption due to Codiv_19, which has interrupted and even now that we write (11 March 2020) interrupts any cultural, theatrical artistic activity and much more.  We’ll get our own back. We also thank the guest Enrico Pastore and his splendid speech on Milo Rau and the Manifesto of Gent.

video link fourth workshop February 2020

The call to apply for #CantiereIbsen #ArtNeedsTime ended on September 20th in 2019.
Over 175 candidates, actresses, actors, Italian and non-Italian artists arrived, who sent us their letters, their sentences, their desires, their expectations. You have been many, above all imagination, we have read everything carefully, we are doing and we will do our best.


Few resources, little opportunity to seek and risk and above all with very little time at their disposal, under most adverse circumstances, in this sad situation actors, directors and artists find themselves have to work in Italy now. Especially, time is one of the most fundamental ingredients when creating art and looking for something new within ourselves as artists and in the models that we offer to the audience. Therefore, we have decided to dedicate time to a project without the aim of going on stage or being performed, but with the sole purpose to research and improve. A period of “shared training” dedicated to ourselves, our mistakes, our tendencies, our capacity to discover and get to know ourselves in new and potentially astounding ways both on stage and within our creative ability. Cantiere Ibsen aims to be the renovation of a creative way that is not only focused on production but also on a different time of creation – made of meetings, rehearsals and discussions – which has the actors and the recovery of the very same aspect of Time at the centre of its theatrical creation.

INFORMATION. The Cantiere develops through 5 workshops by Marco Lorenzi, director of Il Mulino di Amleto, and includes the participation of various guests, experts and artist that have been invited to be directly involved in the above-mentioned process. The workshops are aimed at professional European actresses and actors and will take place in Turin between October 2019 and June 2020.

WORKSHOP CALENDAR. Please note that these dates may be subject to change that will be promptly communicated. 
22nd – 27th October 2019, Turin
11th – 16th November 2019, Turin
16th – 20th December 2019, Turin
24th February – 04th March 2020, Turin
06th – 11th April 2020, Turin   (INTERRUPTED)

APPLICATION. To apply please send:      (CLOSED)
– CV
– a photograph
– a short letter of motivation
– indication as to which workshop you are applying for
Send the application to organizzazione@ilmulinodiamleto.com by 20th September 2019. You will receive an email confirming that we have received your application. Please note that in the month of August answers may be delayed due to our summer break. Regular activities restart from 2nd September.

REQUIREMENTSThe workshops are free of charge but spaces are limited. It is possible to apply for all dates as well as only for some or one of them. The candidates are requested to be present on all days of the workshop they wish to participate in. The criteria of selection include the number of sessions applied for and the willingness to put oneself out there. Duration of each workshop day: about 8 hours.


This workshop is a periodical training that will allow us to understand together how to take back the idea of research and creativity, but above all it is open to anyone who wishes to come and share those very same questions with us. Cantiere Ibsen/Art Needs Time has been realized with Fertili Terreni Teatro, in collaboration with the Swiss ITI – International Theatre Institute. Further thanks go to TPE – Teatro Piemonte Europa, ACTI Teatri Indipendenti and Elsinor Centro di Produzione.

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