Finalist Scenario 2017 Award

by Magdalena Barile
director Marco Lorenzi
on stage Christian Di Filippo, Francesco Gargiulo, Barbara Mazzi, Alba Maria Porto, Angelo Tronca
visual concept and light design Eleonora Diana
presented by IL MULINO DI AMLETO
production A.M.A. Factory / Il Mulino di Amleto
in collaboration with Campo Teatrale and Residenza IDRA e Armunia Centro di Residenza della Toscana (Armunia Castiglioncello -CapoTrave/Kilowatt Sansepolcro)
Finalist Scenario Award 2017 – Winner CURA 2018 Award

SENZA FAMIGLIA/Familyless, text by Magdalena Barile, tells of a family of five characters, between conflicts and the impossibility of expressing themselves with affection. A crazy and unpredictable creation in which a grandmother, who did the 70s, rises to convince her daughter to change her life.
Starting from a ruthless, exasperated and memorable story of family relationships, SENZA FAMIGLIA/Familyless tells the story of a political and sentimental education between generations to a grotesque failure.

SENZA FAMIGLIA/Familyless is a psychological horror, a question,
it is Snow White who prepares a poisoned cake, is David Lynch, the funeral of an era,
is the sound of the sea, of dead birds now that the nest is empty, she is a lonely woman with closed eyes who says “I’m not here”.
Marco Lorenzi

Link trailer https://vimeo.com/339820617

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