Sorvegliati. Deathwatch. A study about Gean Jenet 
director Marco Lorenzi
on stage Lorenzo Bartoli, Yuri D’Agostino, Luca Di Prospero / Raffaele Musella, Marco Lorenzi / Andrea Redavid
scenography Gaia Moltedo
ph Tiziana Lorenzi
distribution Valentina Pollani
organization Annalisa Greco
National Premiere June 14, 2011 Out Off Theater – Milano
Nomination Best Show 2011 for Critical Network Award

Synopsis. Three inmates share a narrow cell: Occhiverdi, a fascinating murderer awaiting the death penalty, who claims to be “the only man in there”, Lefranc and Maurice, two petty thieves who are both fond of the aforementioned and willing to do anything to gain attention and esteem . To guard them there is a supervisor who shows extreme ambiguity towards them.

Short press review
“An unsettling and indiscreet performance” Livia Grossi, Il Corriere della Sera
“requires courage to put it on stage so hypertrophied, monumental, so great. But it is good to have this courage, Marco Lorenzi and his certain actors have it. ” Maria Grazia Gregori,
” Il Mulino di Amleto gives a fast rhythm and gracefully declines all the nuances of these extreme relationships. ” Maura Sesia ,
“Unmissable” Silvana Costa,

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