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20th Sept deadline Call CantiereIbsen workshops for international actress and actors.

30th Sept. h. 07 p.m. La fauna batterica by Antonio Casto, reading c/o Osteria Rabezzana, @Play With Food Torino

4th Oct. 2019 h 09 p.m. Senza famigliaTeatro dei Filodrammatici, Piacenza

from 22nd to 27th Oct. Cantiere Ibsen, #ArtNeedsTime, Torino

30th and 31st Oct. (evening and morning) Gl’innamorati UndergroundTeatro Faraggiana, Novara

from 12th to 17th Nov. 2019  Cantiere Ibsen, #ArtNeedsTime, Torino

23rd Nov. 2019 Senza Famiglia, Festival Wonderland, Brescia

29th Nov. 2019PlatonovTeatro Sannazaro, Napoli

30th Nov. 2019PlatonovTeatro Sannazaro, Napoli

1st Dec. 2019PlatonovTeatro Sannazaro, Napoli

6th Dec. 2019, Platonov, Teatro Verdi, Padova – Finale Premio Rete Critica 2019

12th Dec. 2019PlatonovCantiere Florida, Firenze

13th Dec. 2019PlatonovCantiere Florida, Firenze

14th Dec. 2019PlatonovTeatro Comunale Casalmaggiore

from 16th to 20th Dec. 2019 Cantiere Ibsen, #ArtNeedsTime, Torino

*work in progress

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